Home Carpets Windows Contact County Cleaning Somerset Logo Building Cleaning Gallery Cleaning Services in Taunton and the surrounding areas We are commercial & private cleaners in Taunton, Wellington, Ilminster, Bridgwater and many other areas, just call to see how we can help you. Home Carpets Windows Building Cleaning Contact Sitemap Gallery Gutter Cleaning Services Try to prevent problems with Blocked Gutters using our Gutter Cleaning Service It is important to keep your gutters clean to ensure the integrity of your building as well as ensuring all water can drain away quickly so as to not cause any damage to your building. Let us keep your gutters in good condition for a competitive price. If left uncleared blocked gutters can cause the following: Rotten fascias and soffits Water damage to exterior of property which can lead to repointing of brickwork Interior damage to plasterwork Weight of leaves can lead to gutters coming away from their brackets Gutter cleaning is inexpensive and can prevent expensive bills if not maintained. We can quickly and efficiently clean your gutters. You may ask yourself "How often should I clean my gutters?". We would recommend you clean your gutters every 6 months to maintain them as long as possible. Call today for a no obligation quote on 07920 842000.

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